Mockito in Zurich

I will have a pleasure presenting Mockito at Jazoon in Zurich. My session is on Thursday – make sure you don’t miss it. During the session I’m going to show few slides and do live TDD with Mockito & other mocking frameworks. I’m going to use Infinitest. Guys, it’s huge. Brett Schuchert wrote about it, Bartek told me to try it several times. Finally I did and I must say I’m impressed. Infinitest is like transcending to a real TDD.

2 Responses to Mockito in Zurich

  1. Taylor says:

    I’m here…a little late, so I make your talk and say hello

  2. Thanks for your great presentation of Mockito at Jazoon.
    Big hup for the doll, that’s a great idea.
    Let us know if you come to Paris, we would be really happy to see you at the Paris Java User Group for a presentation of mockito (yes english is ok).
    My email included in this message.

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