devoxx 2008

I’m now at Antwerp, attending to devoxx 2008 conference, watching a session about REST. In few hours I’m giving a session called ‘Mockito in Action‘. Wish me luck because I have a tight schedule and there are many point of failures when writing code ‘live’ during the session :)

So far devoxx is quite impressive – I love the idea of using cinema rooms for conference sessions!

5 Responses to devoxx 2008

  1. Laurent Bertrand says:

    I am there too and plan on coming to your session tonight ;-) I hope it will be great!

  2. szczepiq says:

    Cool, see you!

  3. Phil says:

    You did great, you had me at slide 2, with the tasteful doll.
    An image is sure worth a 1000 words.
    If you ever write a book, there’s your idea for a cover!


  4. makiesz says:

    Hey Szczepan, we’ve been enjoying your framework for 6 months or so now and gradually integrated it into all of our projects. Very cool stuff! Plus a great AND funny talk to go along with that! Go Mockito! :-)

  5. szczepiq says:

    Thanks guys for the feedback!

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