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I did an interesting experiment quite a long time so I I drafted a blog entry about it. Today I’m finishing this draft off.

The experiment was to visualize how much certain individuals speak. Why? Well, I felt that some team members didn’t speak up because they were not loud enough or there was no room for their opinions. Worth mentioning is that the subject really concerned the entire team. Half-way through the meeting the visualization on the white board became quite interesting. Red bars indicated how much one spoke:

Note that some guys didn’t speak at all yet! The interesting thing about the loud guys is that they are truly smart, experienced and creative. And yet the team would benefit more if they just shut up… It’s so easy for the silent guys to listen less and less, stop caring too much and finally disconnect. Fortunately, it didn’t go that badly and here is what we ended up with:

The loud guys didn’t talk too much after they saw how they monopolized the ether. Hopefully, the drawing on the white board let everyone speak up.

I wanted the “talk indicator” to help involving all the team members in an important meeting about our short-distance plans. Hopefully, it helped teaching some guys how to listen :)

I guess the experiment may have triggered a positive change. After all, we never needed to do it again…

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