mockito after agile2008

I spoke about spying vs mocking and Mockito library at the agile 2008.

The turnout was quite good given that there were almost 40 sessions in parallel (mostly about big things and with big-name presenters). I met Johannes Link, the creator of a javascript spying framework in the spirit of Mockito. Go Test Spies! :). Between sessions, we spoke with agile coaches who already have tried Mockito and we received positive feedback (and they didn’t know we’re the authors beforehand!).

I hope I managed to popularize Mockito and the spying approach.

Someone asked me what’s the user base of Mockito. Although I don’t know the answer I can throw some figures at you:

~500 downloads last month (does not include Maven users)

~2300 visits to Mockito last month (thank you, Google Analytics)

One of the attendees asked me for the slides from my session at Agile2008. Bear in mind that they have less value if you didn’t attend the presentation – some slides are pretty minimal or they are just open questions. Anyway, here are the slides. Oh, and the session title “Don’t give up on mocking” is a complete mess. What I really want to convey is “Give up on mocking, go for spying”. One of my older posts sheds some light why I messed the title up.

5 Responses to mockito after agile2008

  1. As you know, I’m a fan of Mockito. If you’re ever thinking about more formal documentation (longer articles, recipes, InfoQ e-Book, etc.) then I’d be interested in helping with the effort.

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