agile2008 update

Just got back from an excellent session on agile coaching by J. B. Rainsberger. Joe talked about the mistakes he did in his vivid coaching career since the early days of XP. Mark my words: you really want to go to his session next time he speaks at some conference.

The other sessions I attended were also quite interesting. One of them was about new xUnit library for .NET called… (suspence… even more suspence…) It’s maybe not revolutionary but it solves some nUnit issues I didn’t even know about (I’m a java boy so wonder).

I’m giving a talk about Mockito on Thursday. If you believe that classic mocking is great OR you think that mocking is a disaster then I hope to see you!

2 Responses to agile2008 update

  1. Ritesh Nath says:

    Hi Szczepan,
    I attended your session on Mocking at Agile2008 and found it very interesting. We are dealing with similar issues you covered with mocking. Can you please provide a link to your presentation. I would like to share it with my coworkers who were not able to attend.

    — Ritesh Nath

  2. szczepiq says:

    Hi Ritesh,
    Sorry, I was on holidays. I will put the presentation online this weekend.

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