Mockito @ Agile 2008

Just submitted session proposal for Agile 2008. It’s about Mockito (yes, I know I’m boring).

Competition is fierce and without proper (read: famous) name it will be difficult to get approved. But anyway: deadline for submissions is tomorrow. If you have any feedback about my session and you are willing to share it with me before end of tomorrow – I would be grateful.

I’m gonna present short version of this session during coming Last Thursday at Holborn office – see you there!

2 Responses to Mockito @ Agile 2008

  1. Mockito looks exciting! I’m going to try it!

    What is this Last Thursday? May I pop in, or is it closed meeting?
    I work in City, near St. Pauls.

    Piotr Gabryanczyk

  2. I guess, I did not look at the date of your post…
    Maybe next time :)

    Keep me posted if you do more presentations on this topic.
    Maybe on XTC… but than you would have to probably stand face in face with JMock guys… :)

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