longing for pair programming

Recently I’ve been delegated to consult for the designers team. I spent few iterations on improving: 1. software that helps designers, 2. processes (should I call them barriers?) between them and the developers.

Super SzczeBefore I got back to the real work I received a neat farewell-poster.

Muscles are real, obviously (that’s why I don’t go to gym – I’m afraid I could burst).

As soon as I got to the front line of real story implementation, I realized how I missed pair programming.


Pair programming is a rare win-win deal:

  • If you’re better than your pair you can teach and preach how to do things right 8=) This is how Thoughtworkers roll.
  • If you’re worse than your pair then learn and suck in the experience. This is what I like the most.

Pair programming means passion and fun. Those are the most important ingredients of a recipe for decent software.

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