back to the basics

Someone is trying to convince me that I need unit testing or a customer to justify having an automatic build?

Even if I agree to that logic (but I don’t):

  • For the past several years I haven’t been in project that hasn’t utilized unit testing.
  • In my entire life I haven’t been in project that hasn’t got a customer/stakeholder.

That means automatic build is always a must-have. Simple.

If I had to say one reason why to automate the build I would say: ask google. Smarter people have already wrote about it.

Ok, I admit, I recently hacked out a small swing app for home usage. And I didn’t bother to cut a build script =) Still hoping for afterlife in agile heaven though =)

One Response to back to the basics

  1. martin says:

    Automate what you can, outsource what you cannot.

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