Build Bat AKA Build Whip

Any fella who cares more about the build than the others. Here is bunch of properties of such build whip.

  • Has extraordinary level of focus and determination to always find the culprit and effectively delegate fixing the build
  • Is slightly squint-eyed and can observe build status screens while coding a story/delivering B.V.
  • Knows best ways to quickly find out who broke the build
  • Knows tools, environments and other people who may help in fixing the build
  • Is vigilant, ruthless and unstoppable in making it green
  • Sees only two colors: green and red (yeah, the weirdest daltonist ever)
  • Understands deeply why green is better how much does it cost when it’s red
  • Evolves with the build, learns typical/known issues, gets even more helpful when it comes to fixing or helping others
  • Despite additional duties still delivers more story points than others… He is just so freaking good
Big projects full of bright people tend to naturally bring up their very own build whips. Sometimes the role is assigned by management and that’s not particularly good sign because:
  • nobody stood out from the crowd to became The One? No inspired devs with above predispositions?
  • volunteer may be gently speaking 8-( with the role. If you see him sticking pins in voodoo dolls it’s time to rotate him.

In my short life I met two guys I consider living gods of unholy build whip role. Respect to Igor and Dan.

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