How much time one can waste playing FM2007

This decent game doesn’t even try to hide its evilness: it shows you current ‘addictness rating’. I was recently promoted from ‘real football managers don’t need food’ to ‘sleeping is for sissies’. Well done Szczepan, surely you don’t have anything useful to do.

I thought I got over FM2007 weeks ago but no… I mixed two dangerous ingredients:

  • boring evening
  • hacking eclipse plugins just to realize that decent quick-fixes (with clickable bulbs and ctrl+1 shortcut) are part of JDT plugin and not really part of PDE. To get those juicy quick-fixes do I have find it in JDT and then pull in copy-paste pattern (AKA encapsulate-and-reuse pattern). Grrrrr.

F*** this. Let me have just one game…

BTW Wisla Krakow can beat AC Milan in Champions League quarter-finals! AI cheats but I can always apply magic load-game-and-replay pattern, then perform crucial refactorings to my tact, then Wisla rulez =)

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