year in London, year in Thoughtworks

It’s been a year in London and a year in Thoughtworks. It’s high time to recap things:

  • number of flats lived in: 2 – Limehouse (word of respect to fellow flat mates!) and Chiswick
  • landlords killed: 0 – likely to change in few months time…
  • family members invited to taste gorgeous London lifestyle (some people may detect sarcasm :) ): 4
  • Number of OS projects contributed: 4
  • games bought: 2 (Civilization IV, Football Manager 2007… jazda biała gwiazda!)
  • tube strikes survived: 1
  • knees twisted – 0: yupeeeee!
  • cool countries visited – 2 (Spain, India)
  • married the same women again: 1
  • being late in returning streetcar and paid fee – 1 :(
  • books bought: 9
  • books read: 13 (yeah… not related to commute time…)
  • IT books bought: 2
  • IT books read: 1 (I know, very impressive)
  • IT books started reading and fell asleep: all
  • IT books started reading, fell asleep and woke up in Cockfosters: 1
  • Arsenal games seen: 2
  • graduated from Uni: 1
  • airports toured: 10
  • primary school friends found: 2
  • TW projects involved: 3 (PHP, .NET, Java, and still waiting for Ruby gig!)
  • english improved by: 0.015%

2 Responses to year in London, year in Thoughtworks

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